Nulla Bona O.C.G.A. 48-13-25

Effect of entry of nulla bona on right of defaulting taxpayer to collect fees for services rendered after entry; effect of taxpayer’s payment in full of delinquent tax, on such right when a nulla bona entry has been entered by proper authority upon an execution issued by the tax collector or tax commissioner against any person defaulting on a special tax, the person against whom the entry is made shall not be allowed or entitled to have or collect any fees or charges whatever for services rendered after the entry of the nulla bona. If, at any time after the entry of nulla bona has been made, the person against whom the execution issues pays the tax in full together with all interest and costs accrued on the tax, the person may collect any fees and charges due him or her as though he or she had never defaulted in the payment of the tax.

Renewal of Judgment Process

To effect entry of Nulla Bona stamp on the Superior Court Fifa is brought to the Bonding Unit on the 9th floor of the Justice Center Tower located at 185 Central Avenue.  The stamp is conducted and Fifa is recorded in the Fulton Superior Court Clerk’s Office (Ground Floor) and mailed to the perspective law firm.

(Sheriff’s Office ) Fee: $20.00

(Superior Clerks Office) Filling Fee: $25.00