Record Restriction (Expunge)
O.C.G.A. §35-3-37 provides for the restriction of certain criminal history records for non-criminal justice purposes when approved by the prosecuting attorney. For arrests after July 1, 2013, there is no application process. You must contact the prosecutor to have your record restricted. For arrests prior to July 1, 2013, you are required to apply for restriction at the arresting agency.

Fee: $25.00 (US Postal money order only by mail) per request

Fee: $25.00 (Cash or US Postal money order in person) per request

Operating hours are 8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Monday-Friday

If you mail in your request – it must include the GA Record Restriction Package with a copy of the disposition from the Courts.

Mailing address
Fulton County Sheriff’s Office,
ATTN: Record Restriction – 9th Floor
185 Central Avenue,
Atlanta, GA  30303

All fees are payable in advance